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Yes, you can take all the courses you would like at the same time and move from one to the other as you please.

Each class ranges in prices.

Please note: If you have a student membership, you can take a maximum of three classes at the same time. As a student, you can thus still take all the courses you would like – -20% will be applied to every class you enroll .

Yes you can, our classes are online with stored data to acommodate all your classes.

We are built for you to learn at your pace.

Certainly yes. We will re-run another opening shortly. One of the reasons we continually open and close classes is to be able to control the classroom size.

Networking is a large part of our value proposition, so we want just the right number of people inside the courses.

We’ll re-schedule and make it available. The actual start date of the course will be a few weeks after sign-ups begin too.

Yes. Every time you complete a course, you get our verified course Certificate. There is no limit to how many Course Certificates you can earn.

There is no specified time that certificates will be awarded, they are given to participants as and when they have answered all questions, assignments and final project even if this is long after the official end date.

Every assignments and test will be graded within a week of submission by your tutor.
Your assigmnets and final projects will be graded by our superstar tutors and also our experts who has vast experience and not by robots.
English is the only method of learning in our platform.
Yes, all classes has respective price range and are paid individually but will have access for life.
We provide courses for all levels of mastery and accross the various classes. If you’re new to design, or already in your design career you can start with our classes and progress all the way up. If you’re an established designer, on the other hand, you will find some of our lower-level courses provide a good refresher.
Our classes starts from 4 to 6 weeks. Once enrolled in a course, you will gain access to a new lesson video three times a week with PDF/Doc files every day which you are free to complete at your convinience.
If you won any of our coupon code for a particular class, visit the class and click on the "Apply Coupon" button to recieve our discount.

Yes, we grant a 20% reduction for aall students and NYSC members with valid means of identification.

Our scholarships apply to all the classes but you can only have scholarship to maximum of 3 classes.

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