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We are a community of designers passionate about impacting knowledge

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3D Modelling, VR/AR Design Tutor

We are looking for skilled VR designers who can simulate the UX and complex object interaction in an immersive VR/AR enviroment using the lastest technology software. Experience with Cinema 4D, Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and other tools is a bonus.

Experience: 2 - 5 years

Location: Remote

Motion Design tutor

We are looking for passionate motion designers and artists who use video and animation to give the impression of action through images, illustration, video, texts for multimedia and digital projects .

Experience:> 3 years

Location: Remote

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Yes, our tutors and insitution has an agreement.
People communication, flexibility, organisation, time management, passion for teching among others.
The posoition is remote.
Yes, you will own your classes but will be reporting to the class head or the insitutions principal.
About 4 hours per day and sometimes more on a class day.
English is the only teaching language.
What's the magic?

What Makes Us Stand Out

Radical candor feedback

Clear, specific and sincere mode of communication between our students and tutors in improving better understanding and honest feedbacks.

Collaborative learning

Learn with your class mates with pair projects, assignments or coming up with a concept in improving your design skill and also learning co-working and healthy team collaboration.

Simplicity & Specificity

Our program is focused driven to give our students complete knowledge on a class and not complicating the process to learning design.